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2009年3月 7日 (土)


What do you really want to? Do you know Aladdin and wonderful lamp?

They can give whatever your wish to you. Some body said that's true story but the other say not true story. Which one can you trust it?

I'm asking again what do you really wnat to?

Today, I got e-mail from my good friiend, he said

Hey Yoshi "When do you gonna be back in state?" And can you get some JDM parts in Japan for me?

I said yeah yeah yeah I may will be able to get it but I don't have connection to them. I will try and get it for you.

He very likes HONDA car, He has S2000. I had been driven that car in time attack.

I don't know what supposed did I talk hahaha

I'm nuts


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吉岡さんは、魔法のランプがあったら、どんな使い方をするのかな? もし目の前にあって使っていいよ!って言われると悩んでしまうような気がします(>_<)

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